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September 20, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 11565 Watch & Read This

Why I Stopped Watching the News

Like most people, I have the habit of turning on the news in the morning to get ready for the day, then maybe again when I got home from work, and then once again before I go to bed. It seemed very normal– almost “safe”, to be “in the know”. However, if you asked, most people would agree that a majority of the news is negative. Murder. War. Shootings. Child Abuse… Well, I had enough. No more.

So 4 months ago, I stopped watching the news completely. That included TV and internet. No local or national news. Turn Off The TVNo news websites.

I was waking up to negativity, reading it online all day, and falling asleep to it. It affected me. It was draining. You read about it and it makes you feel bad.  You talk about it at work and it makes you feel bad. I was doing everything I could to be positive and realized that I was being fed negativity all day. So I banned it.

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels. I wake up and blast music throughout the house or throw on the previous night’s Tonight Show. There is dancing and laughter as the fam gets ready for the day now. It really changes the dynamic and starts the day off on a positive note.

Some people think it’s pretty odd and don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to know what is going on.  Well, I can be informed but do not need to be inundated. No need to see graphic videos on the news of people getting run over by cars or getting shot in the head. I don’t “need” to know that stuff. I am trying to stay on the positive plane. A positive frequency. Subtracting the news from my life has REALLY helped me stay up, and not bring me down.

Try it for a week.  Let me know if you see a difference. It has in our house.


3 Responses to Why I Stopped Watching the News

  1. Bridget says:

    Been news free for a few years. I’m never out of the loop. There is always someone(s) to fill me in. It’s been quite interesting having many people fill me in on the same story, and how different the info can be. I absolutely refuse to look at images of violence, etc., ( no matter how hard some people insist), gives me nightmares. Enjoy your news free world. It’s a much happier place.

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