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September 27, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 10202 Watch & Read This

A Complaint-Free Life

Bitching, complaining, whining. We all do it. I know I do. I’m actually a master at it. It is one flaw that I need to put to rest. Well, here is how I started my journey to a Bitch-Free Valley.

Awareness. Pretty simple. When I get up in the morning, I tell myself that I’m not going to complain about anything or anyone for the rest of the day. This thought puts me in a state of awareness so that when a situation arrives where I would normally complain, I pull back and don’t let it affect me. I already have that little mental blocker in my head that I installed when I woke up. It amazes me that some days I have to pull myself back about 10 TIMES BEFORE I EVEN LEAVE FOR WORK!

Typical morning grumblings that spew from my mouth…

“I didn’t get any sleep because the freaking dog’s nails were clicking all over the floor last night.”

“My day is already shot. I have 11 meetings on the calendar!”

“We are out of cereal for the kids!”

“REALLY looking forward to sitting in f*#king traffic for an hour to start the day.”

“Of course I need gas this morning!”

“Looks like I’m wearing my fat shirt today.”

I am a very visual guy, so try and follow me here… I felt like every time I complained about something, I was firing off a red laser beam of bad energy in the direction of who or what I was bitching about. At the end of the day if you pulled up a google map of my day’s journeys, it would look like my 3-year-old RedLasersofNegativitydaughter took a red sharpie to a map of St. Louis. Red lines scribbled everywhere! It would look like absolute chaos.

Being able to visualize how much you complain throughout the day is pretty humbling. Looking at that scribbled map would disappoint just about
anyone. It’s just unnecessary negative energy left everywhere. Not only did it affect you, but it also affects other people in your path. So really, you are sending that negative energy their way. Don’t. Once you become aware of it, you tend to do less of it. You catch yourself.

I also found that having someone do it with you helps. I have my wife at home and my buddy at work. We make pacts– which is especially helpful when we feel a rough day coming on. It honestly feels great. It’s easier to work through difficult situations in a state of awareness, as opposed to approaching that same situation with a shitty attitude. And what’s ironic is that we already know this. We already know that shitty thoughts produce shitty situations, yet we allow ourselves to fall into the trap. Actually, we choose to allow it.

This week, choose to tell yourself that you are going to have a complain-free day. Once you realize that it works (because it does), then shoot for a week, then a month. The goal is to make it become a part of your reality. Choose wisely.



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