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January 5, 2017 Comments (4) Views: 12540 Watch & Read This

2 Nice Things a Day

Every evening when I pick up my kids from school, I ask them “what are two nice things you did for people today?” When I first started asking them it was difficult to answer because they were searching for anything to talk about. However, after a few weeks, they started thinking about it earlier in the day so as they did nice things, they checked them off their mental list. So much so that if I don’t ask them right away, they’ll say, “You didn’t ask us what nice things we did for people today!”

However, they soon started asking ME what nice things I did that day. I realized that some days, I had trouble coming up with ONE. This whole process not only helped them become aware of being a good person, but me as well. It’s a great family exercise that I look forward to discussing at the end of every day.

4 Responses to 2 Nice Things a Day

  1. Doug says:

    Thanks for writing this. This is a great example of being selfless and the humanity we feel as individuals by doing so. It represents the idea of doing for others what we, either openly or inside, wish the world would do for us or at least want to happen to us. If we want that good feeling, those good and humanly things to happen for us, it starts when we decide to do it for someone else. Thanks for that reminder brother!!!

  2. Chris Richards says:

    What an awesome way to teach your children to love others!

  3. Alyson Lehtman says:

    I’m starting this with my boys TODAY!

  4. Chris says:

    Love this!

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