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July 10, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 11175 Watch & Read This

Stay up, bro!

“Stay up, bro.”  This is usually my response when I’m talking with a buddy who is going through a tough time.  I’m a diehard believer of positive and negative frequencies, and I do my best to stay up on a positive frequency as much as possible.  When I’m in a terrible mood, I know I’m on a negative level or frequency. I start off pissed.  Then I stub my toe.  Then my kids start whining.  Then I’m late getting my dogs outside and they crap on the kitchen floor.  Then I hit crazy traffic. Then I have a terrible meeting at work to start off the day.

When I’m on that negative plane, negative situations and circumstances continue to occur until I pull myself out.  It took me a long time to notice when this was happening, but now, I’m aware of this all of the time.  The tough part is pulling myself out of it and getting onto a positive frequency.  A deep breath, a change in my attitude and mood is all it takes.

Once I’m there, things smooth out and good things start to occur, one after the other.  Even if something bad happens, it affects me a lot less than if I was already in a negative mood. It really is amazing how this works.

I visualize it like this:  When I’m down and on a negative frequency, I’m in a raging river, rushing through the mountains.  Huge branches and sticks poking my sides and rocks scraping me from below as I spastically float down river.  However, if I can just reach the shore and pull myself up and out, everything feels so much better.  I can breathe.  I’m not spiraling out of control.  I’m stable and centered.  I can turn away from the craziness, smile, and go about my day.  I don’t want to slip back down into that raging river.

So stay up, bro!

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