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June 7, 2016 Comments (4) Views: 14370 Watch & Read This

Walking with Your Head Up

LeoWalkI try to take walks as much as possible.  I love them.  We’ve all heard the countless physical and mental benefits of walking, so I won’t harp on them.  But one thing I have noticed during my walks, is where my head is.  Mentally, it is all over the place, obviously.  Yet, physically, I have noticed that I tend to look down more than I look up.  I don’t mean to, but it seems I rarely raise my head to look up and out.  When someone walks by me or I say hello to someone in their front yard, I look up and out. But only for a few seconds, then it’s back down.  I realized that looking up and out was slightly awkward for me.  I felt like people driving by were staring at me, or that I was walking like a stiff soldier.

I forced myself to keep my head up and look forward as much as possible.  I quickly realized it changed my walk.  I felt like I was observing more, I focused more on things like the color of the leaves and the wind blowing through the trees. I was taking bigger/healthier breaths. I felt more confidence and had a little skip in my step.  Obviously, I am not talking about a drastic walk like my favorite Leo meme.  Just simply walking with my back straightened and my eyes looking forward.  Next time you are on a walk, take a moment to realize how many times you look to the ground. Every time you notice it, force yourself to look up and face what’s in front of you. It brought a new perspective to one of my favorite activities.



4 Responses to Walking with Your Head Up

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love it!! Such a small simple thing to do & I know I don’t but I also know deep down it changes perspective and gives u back power – something to think about and not succumb to putting your head down so no one looks at you or talks to you. Changes the mood completely!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! Crazy it took this long for me to realize. 🙂 Enjoy your new and improved walks!

  2. Teresa Losito says:

    My mental health suffers if I don’t walk daily. For me, it’s my time to let my mind wander freely or focus on a specific that I’m trying to hash out. I tend to look down, if I’m working through something personal and up and out if I’m feeling creative, curious, social etc. I need both forms to stay well balanced.

    Just saw your interview with Joe Warmbrodt on FB. Love what you’re doing!

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