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March 7, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 11395 Listen to This

What Makes You Tick?

If this song doesn’t move you…you are dead.  I kid.  However, this song has moved me.  Many times.  Driving to work.  In the gym.  Walking at lunch.  This song gets me up.  Gets me going.  This is BY FAR, one of the most intense songs I have ever heard.  I hear the passion in the singer’s voice.  I have gone to see them perform this song live, and yes, the passion is real.  Take a few minutes and listen to the passion and the anguish he has felt/is feeling.  It is so freaking motivational to me.  At 3:36, I lose my mind.  Every. Damn. Time. The emotions overflow.  No matter what I am doing.  It gets me.

Even if you don’t dig on this type of music (there are naughty words in it).  Read the lyrics in this video.  Soak them in.  Let them fuel your fire.

Download this jam and put in on your “Workout Mix”:  For the Fallen Dreams – Emerald Blue 

Fight for your life!  What are you waiting for??


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