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June 3, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 11379 Listen to This, Watch & Read This

You Are a Fire, If You Want It

As I was fading into sleepy time a couple months ago, the TV was on in the background and David Letterman was introducing this singer named Mikky Ekko. So I thought I would give it a few seconds before turning off the TV and drifting off into sleep. I didn’t know anything about him or what he was about. But within a minute or so, I started to see this fire grow.

At the end of the song my heart was pounding and “You are a riot if you want it! You are a fire if you want it!was ringing in my head as I sat there and pondered the meaning for the next twenty minutes.

I thought about the power of music and how I was 30 seconds away from sleep and three minutes later, sleep was the last thing on my mind.

I love that feeling.

I live for that feeling.

When music moves me like that, I want to hold on to that sensation as long as I can.

See if you can get a taste of what I felt and watch this performance. You can see Mikky’s intensity grow as the song builds.

After digging into the guy, I discovered I really enjoyed his music.  He creepily reminds me of one of my favorites, Jeff Buckley.  The lyrics to “Watch Me Rise” really spoke to me.  I am sure they will speak to you.  Vibe on these lyrics for a minute:

I’m still standing, I’m still climbing

Even when the rest are falling, the rest are falling

The rest are falling

I’m still standing, I’m still climbing

Even when the best are falling, the best are falling

The best are falling

You say, say my name

Cause once I get my head above the clouds

I’m never coming down

Great song.  Great voice.  Great meaning.

Damn, I love music.


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