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June 3, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 17320 Listen to This

Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight

Press play and take a listen to the song as you read. It works better that way. ūüôā

A long time ago when I worked in the Music Biz, I worked for a label that signed a new artist named Amos Lee. Usually when we signed a new artist, they would come into our office and play some songs for us over lunch so we could get to know them and their music.   In 2005, Amos Lee came into the office and played a few songs while we all ate some pizza and listened.

I REALLY hope I have this correct, as it has been 10 years, but I remember him saying something like, “One day I was walking down the street and I gave a homeless person some money. ¬†He responded with ‘Keep it loose, keep it tight.'” ¬†He went on for a few minutes about how that made him stop in his tracks and ponder what he said and what it meant. ¬†He then played his new song with that title, and it sent chills up my spine.

Well, ten years later, that song is still one of my favorite uplifting songs. ¬†I think about the meaning of that phrase a lot. ¬†Some days, I keep it too tight. ¬†That is when I am anxious, stressed or over thinking things. ¬†Then there are times when I am too loose…

Luckily, I have been able to find a spot right in the middle. ¬†I spot where I trust myself. ¬†A spot where I can get goofy, but also where I am buttoned up enough to be comfortable with myself. ¬†A spot where I can be myself, knowing damn well I have a master plan in my head that I will not give up on. ¬† Keepin’ it loose and keepin’ it tight.

**Keep it loose, keep it tight, is also a great way to end emails. ¬†Instead of saying “talk to you later” or “have a nice day.” I’ve been doing it for years!**

The chorus always gets me:

But sometimes,
We forget what we got,
Who we are.
Oh and who we are not.
I think we gotta chance,
To make it right.
Keep it loose,
Keep it tight.

3 Responses to Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight

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  2. Katrina says:

    I LOVE your interpretation of “Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight”. So much so it inspired me to create this post


    Thank you!

  3. melissa says:

    Thank you , enjoyed this Love this song

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