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November 9, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 11456 Listen to This, Watch & Read This

The Power of The Album

Over the weekend, I was reminded of the amazing power a well-thought out album can hold. I’m not talking about the manufactured “one-offs” that are dumped on everyone these days, but the ALBUM. I’m talking about the collection of songs that are arranged by the artist so that, when listened to in its entirety, you’re taken on a journey. I experienced an incredible musical journey over the weekend when I came across the album Get Off  by the artist Must Be the Holy Ghost. The music is so moving and yet so chill. You can practically feel the passion spill out of the singer’s voice. And not only his voice but his guitar… and every other instrument. Because he plays all of them… at the same time. Its repetitive nature puts you in such a musical trance that you find yourself dreading the end of it. I loved the feeling it gave me. Music is so powerful and I love being reminded of that.

Albums have always been like movies to me. You press play and then sit back and enjoy until the closing scene. On family road trips, my dad would put on U2’s The Joshua Tree. We loved it, and whether we wanted to or not, we listened from the opening riff to the last cymbal crash. I still revert back to being a kid in the back seat when I hear songs from that album. There are a handful of albums at I won’t even listen to piecemeal (Anema by Tool, The Bends by Radiohead, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (Recomposed) by Max Richter). I must experience the entire album.

Take some time to yourself this week and put on a favorite album of yours, or branch out and experience Get Off by Must Be the Holy Ghost. Grab your headphones and take a walk. Watch how good you feel at the end of the album.

Damn, I love music.

3 Responses to The Power of The Album

  1. Julian Wyllie says:

    I really loved your thoughts on this. I wrote about Must Be the Holy Ghost too. Have a look and tell me what you think!


    • Tim says:

      Julian, I did read your review. It was outstanding! I need to take notes on your writing style, you are a pro! 🙂 Great stuff, and thank you for the comment!

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