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What is MindRighting?

We are on a constant journey to figure out what motivates others, or what gets them out of a funk. Mindrighting is an extension of this journey, to serve as a platform for people to share their insight on their personal motivations.  We hope that scrolling through the Wall of Faces will help to give you some helpful ideas of what others do when negativity starts to creep in.  Contributing to the Wall can be just as powerful.  Sharing your personal advice could help THOUSANDS.  Now, doesn’t that feel good?

This site is here to help you think differently. More positively. This site isn’t prescribed information that will magically help you out of depression. Or a dead end job. Or a relationship that is going nowhere. Rather, you’ll learn from others what has helped them get through their tough times. We hope they will help you.

Through stories, music, writing, reading, video, and conversation, we have all found ways to deal with life’s hard hits.  We’ll share our own bits of knowledge that helps and inspires us personally as well.  Sometimes it’s a song that centers us, or a quote that makes us take a step back. We have a passion for being better people and have a burning desire to share what has helped us.

How do you get your mind right?

Tim is a music-obsessed, passion-driven husband and father of two.  His daily struggle of trying to stay positive in a world full of growing negativity led him to create this platform to share thought-provoking music, ideas, and videos. More about Tim.

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