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June 6, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 10608 Wall of Faces

Candace from St. Louis

candaceKeeping my mind free of negativity is not always an easy feat.

Finding my happiness and freeing my mind in a moment of doubt, comes down to these different methods. First being that I, ‘surround myself with positive people.’ Whenever I have a moment that seems to be getting me down, speaking to someone with a positive mindset, allows me the opportunity to take in another perspective on the situation, whatever it may be, and find the positive within the negative.

This then leads to ‘putting things into perspective.’ I imagine myself high above the world (birds-eye-view), looking at the many different walks of life and seeing their issues, realizing that mine are minute compared to what these other people are going through.

These methods have and continue to work for me, maybe they could work for you. Always try to find the positive, smile (smiling makes anything better 🙂 and say “make today great, but make tomorrow even better!”

Remember it’s only a bad day/moment, not a bad life!

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