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August 29, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 12696 Wall of Faces

Kyle Turley, NFL Vet & Musician from Riverside

Kyle sits down and talks about how getting in a quiet place, reflecting, and playing music, all help him get his mind right. And what better way to show how he does this?? By playing a new song he wrote called, “Life Goes On.” Enjoy.

“For me, it’s music”

3 Responses to Kyle Turley, NFL Vet & Musician from Riverside

  1. Shawn LeCompte says:

    Thank you brother for telling me about this. Your song brought me to tears bro. I guess i though i was the only one feeling the way i do. You opened my eyes bruh, its part of life. Life goes on!! Thank You !!!!#

    • Michelle Mitchell says:

      It’s been awhile Kyle but your song bit home for me inn a different way. I’m July I lost my husband suddenly and I have felt like everyone else’s life has gone on and mine just stopped. However I realized after listening to your song that my life must go on. Thank you and much love to you and yours from Leesville Louisana


      • Tim says:

        Hi Michelle, I am sorry for your loss. I cannot image what that feels like. I am so happy that you found some comfort in Kyle’s song. I forwarded your kind words to him. I know he will be moved. Thank you, Michelle.

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